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Services and Fees


When it comes to legal translations, I can support you with the following services:


Communication (business and legal)

If need be, I will take over any communication with your German-speaking business partners. The same is valid for cases where a legal conflict or a court action have started to evolve.


Legal counselling on German law

In case you and your German business partners have decided in favour of German law to be applied to any future claims from the contract, you might have legal questions left to be answered. I will let you in on the particulars of German law and advise you on its pitfalls as well as its advantages.


Drafting of legal documents in English and German

I will engage in the drafting of contracts according to German law and translate them into English in order for you to know what you are signing. This is most relevant if your international contract's choice of law has been made in favour of the German legal system. If you have already been presented with a completed contract in German, I will be happy to translate it into English as well.


Translation of legal documents into German and English

Is there a German document you would like to read in English in a detailed form? Would you like one of your English documents to be translated into German for your German business partners? Then I can deliver the necessary translations.


Explanation of German legal documents

If you need explanation of a German legal document you have been presented with, I will assist you with any clearing up. In appropriate cases, I will be happy to perform an additional case assessment pursuant to German law.


The above list of potential translational issues contains mere examples and cannot be viewed as exhaustive. In view of the variety of possible individual cases, the list should be seen as a first point of orientation only. If you have a translation concern not mentioned above, please do get in touch. I will be happy to help.


The fees for translational services performed by my practice vary depending on the time needed and the complexity of the text to be translated. Generally, I will charge EUR 0.30 per word or EUR 3.00 per text line. Please note, however, that this acts as not more than a rough orientation point. The final amount for the contract will be reflected in a lump sum we both agree on. It allows you to plan in advance when it comes to finances. For a first cost estimate, please feel free to email me a copy of the text you need translated.


The fee charged will guarantee for a high-quality translation of your document, taking into consideration the rules of legal terminology. For comprehensive bilingual drafting of contracts I will normally make a fee agreement that includes any translation required. At any stage, you will be kept informed on anticipated cost.