Bauroth Law Practice

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My Quality Service to You


As a legal service provider I want to make sure your questions are not left unanswered and we can work out the best possible solution for you. Quality control is not alien to me. You may expect the following service from my law firm:


1) You are presented with a response or a meeting date immediately.

When seeking legal relief, you are not prepared for a wait. This is why quick case assessments are one of my main objectives. If you have contacted me by phone, we agree on a meeting date within the next few days or, in urgent cases (e.g. preliminary injunctions), the same day. On the off chance that is not feasible, we will agree on an alternative option that suits your needs. If you have sent me an e-mail to get in touch you may expect a response within the next 48 hours on weekdays at the latest.

© Photo: photosteve101 (Business Calendar & Schedule - under CC BY 2.0)
© Photo: photosteve101 (Business Calendar & Schedule - under CC BY 2.0)

2) Your case does not leave you clueless.


Legal gobbledegook is a thing of the past. Experience has taught me that clients want to understand their lawyer without having to resort to a legal dictionary. Still, legal terminology cannot always be avoided in court and out of court. The more important it is to me to make clear what is going on in your case. And if there is still something left unclear, I will always be happy to explain it even further.


3) You are being kept up to date.


If you decide to employ me, this does not mean the end of professional approachability. I will keep you informed about the progress of your case in regular intervals and co-ordinate the necessary steps with you personally.


4) You know what costs to expect.


Most naturally, the question of fees means a lot to you when turning to a lawyer. It is one of my particular aims to let you know about potential costs at every stage of your case, both in and out of court. Please feel free to get in touch for a free sample fee note regarding your individual case. In order for you to get a first overview of common case fees in Germany, please have a look at my sample calculations for various fields of legal practice.


5) You know who to talk to - your lawyer.


It is a truly legitimate question to ask whether big law firms do indeed a better job. This, however, is not a necessity and by far not Murphy's law. I am holding up the flag for personal service, generous approachability even in urgent matters, and working on your case without third parties interfering. Instead of providing headquarters for you to lose your way in, I work from my downsized office with a clear focus on solving your case. One of my greatest achievements is your satisfaction and spreading the word regarding my service.