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Law firms as service providers live of their clients' satisfaction and recommendation. This is just one of the many reasons why your judgement means a lot to me. In the form given below you may rate a variety of aspects regarding my practice, including the question of whether I dealt with you and your case in a manner you approve of. Your rating is voluntary and fully anonymous. It will be treated with the greatest discretion, just like your case file.

Please do not hesitate to offer criticism. However, it may be helpful not to mix up my quality of work with the prospects of winning your case. The reason for that is that you could lose a legal case even if your lawyer's out-of-court support was excellent. The same is valid the other way around, as inadequate supervision does not bar a legal case from being won if prospects are good. However, a lawyer's prime aspiration should be her clients' satisfaction even if anybody involved is presented with considerable legal or practical difficulties. I would like to do justice to these demands and distinguish myself from others by continuous improvement, initiated by your comments.


Similarly, I would like to see you rate my law practice elsewhere (Google+, Facebook, legal rating platforms), either anonymously or in a personalized way. This helps my services to be more transparent for other clients.


I have designed the following form in a way that allows you to enter your comments freely and without restrictions. You may also give traditional school marks if that makes rating easier for you.


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