Bauroth Law Practice

Right at your side.

How I work


Confidentiality and confidence? Yes, please!


My clients' trust is top priority in my law practice. Representing your interests only with the highest level of discretion is not only something I am obliged to by law. It is a matter of course for me. This is just one of many reasons why I will always prefer a face-to-face talk between lawyer and client to any contact by email or phone. Further, even encrypted transmission of data cannot guarantee full confidentiality.

© Photo: Martin Fisch (Schattenspiel - under CC BY-SA 2.0)
© Photo: Martin Fisch (Schattenspiel - under CC BY-SA 2.0)

The main thing is to be in good hands - that is what you are in my practice


It can hardly be denied that teamwork is the buzzword of today. However, for any client of a law practice it is rather hindering than helpful. If you are looking for a remedy to steer clear of the mistakes of others, you have to take things into your own hands only. This is a major precept I have developed through my education. Luckily, I can now implement it in my law practice.


Even if larger law firms may present themselves more strongly when it comes to advertising, I can in turn assure you that it is me - and only me - dealing with your case when you ask me for advice. As I know from the time when I studied for my degree, many lawyers prefer to send another lawyer you have never seen before when a court meeting draws close, or they tell the secretary to deal with a client. I have not made this a habit and will not do so in the future either. On the contrary, I am your person to speak to, as I am the one dealing with your case. Should there be the exceptional necessity for a third party to get involved, you will be the first to be told about it. Most importantly, I will let you know at once who is filling in for me and why.

Knowledge is power and my capital


Last but not least I follow a strategy of strict legal training at regular intervals to keep my law practice up to date. Training includes taking part in relevant seminars organized by the Berlin Law Society plus studying the latest judgments and laws. Through all this I am able to offer comprehensive representation and counselling at all times. I will let you know of any interesting legal developments on my practice's Facebook page.