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Criminal Defence


Criminal law is by far one of the most sensitive legal fields that, viewed from the outside, comes with a certain fascination. It may be all or nothing for the accused, including her reputation and the loss of professional or personal roots.


As a lawyer specializing in criminal law and human rights, it is my mission to support you in all stages of criminal proceedings, in other words from the creation of the investigation file bearing your name to the last possibility to file an appeal. Please do not make the mistake and wait too long before consulting a lawyer. If there are legal proceedings going on or being prepared against you, do get in touch with my practice.


According to section 137 of the German Criminal Procedure Code, it is every suspect's right to get the support of a criminal defence lawyer of her choice. Likewise, the right to a counsellor in criminal cases is a human right laid down in article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

© Photo: Paige (Law & Order - under CC BY 2.0)
© Photo: Paige (Law & Order - under CC BY 2.0)

If you are not familiar with the trials and tribulations of a criminal trial and the authorities involved (prosecution service, police), you will inevitably and unintentionally make little mistakes that can hardly or not be undone at a later stage. For instance, it is the suspect's right by law to stay silent and not being forced to say anything.  If you claim this "absolute silence", no judge or police officer may draw adverse inferences from it. However, if you decide to only tell what you know in parts, people in charge may well use this information to your disadvantage.


Further, legal practice often sees witnesses or suspects being summoned to the police in order to make a statement on a crime they are said to have committed. It is nothing new that people affected are genuinely innocent and will then want "a chat" with the police officer handling the case. However, their primary aim to break down the wrong suspicion may quickly lead to the very trial the concerned wanted to avoid.

That is just one of the many reasons why you should never try and face a criminal charge without professional legal support. Please contact me by phone or e-mail for expert advice and to get a professional assessment of your criminal case.

© Photo: Tex Texin ("Crime Scene Do Not Cross" tape - under CC BY 2.0)
© Photo: Tex Texin ("Crime Scene Do Not Cross" tape - under CC BY 2.0)

Young Offenders


German law provides special regulations for suspects aged 14 to 21, since young offenders are primarily supposed to be educated in compliance rather than punished. This is known among German jurists as the educational idea of young offenders law. Nonetheless, under-age suspects do have the right to consult a defence counsel just like adults. They should, by all means, claim this right in their own interest, since it is particularly demanding for young people to face a criminal trial alone without expert advice at hand. As a specialist lawyer for young offenders law I am happy to support you in this area with zeal and expertise.


International Criminal Law

Criminal law tends to be more and more about cases beyond nation states. These comprise, among others, extradition issues or the cross-border gathering of evidence. Of particular importance is the European Arrest Warrant which has replaced the traditional system of extradition proceedings in the Member States of the European Union. As a member of the European Criminal Bar Association (ECBA), I have specialist knowledge and international network contacts in order for you to be represented the best possible way. This also includes legal cases that require communication in English.