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In need of legal advice, people are not only searching for a person, but for a name to rely on. Legal conflicts may arise on a variety of levels, either personal or business-related. My law practice stands for highly professional, comprehensible and efficient services, helping you to manage and be aware of any juridical snare. I would like to impress you with my comprehensive knowledge and outstanding client service.

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How I Can Support You:

  • Out-of-court legal advice and representation in the areas listed above
  • In-court representation of you, your interests and claims
  • Legal advice and representation in the Berlin-Brandenburg area as well as in the whole of Germany and on the international plane (clients can be met and supported online, by telephone, in written form, and via online meetings)

Personal support – Legal experience – Appreciation

Being close to your individual case is the core of my services. As a legal service provider it is my prior aim to support your interests and get your claims asserted in and out of court. Whatever your issue in relation to real estate or inheritance, my law practice will ensure you are receiving the best service possible without feeling left to your own devices. This includes looking after your case throughout Germany and, if necessary, on the international plane. Getting in touch with a lawyer as early as possible cannot only guarantee you are saving costs in the long run, but you are also making use of your rights correctly and timely. Both ignorance and precarious sciolism are grounds for clients losing their claims far too often. 

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Your Award-winning Lawyer of Choice for German Real Estate Matters, Inheritance Law and Succession Planning

With the construction of tailor-made client solutions I aim to be your client-focused and reliable partner regarding any legal issues touching German real estate, inheritance law and estate planning. Right at your side, at any time, with remarkable passion for what I do. It includes out-of-court and in-court settlements as well as in-court counselling and representation in my expert legal areas. Whenever support is need in inheritance law or real estate matters, I will assist you in the Berlin and Brandenburg region or, if need be, all across Germany. As a German lawyer with near-native English language skills, I can provide support for any legal translation you may require as much as I can take on all necessary communication with your German-speaking business partners or, in case of a legal conflict, with the defendant or the court involved.

In 2023, my Practice has been elected best German real estate and inheritance law firm in the Acquisition International Legal Awards (AI Global Media Ltd., UK). It perfectly reflects the fact that my Practice delivers what clients need and got what it takes to resolve any dispute touching my expertise.

Do not take any risks. Have your case assessed by an expert with a personalized view of your individual request. 

I am looking forward to supporting you in your legal matter.  
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