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German inheritance law is not only concerned with private estate but just as well with the question of how companies can be maintained and their succession can be secured. Any business owner who wants to make sure that his enterprise is kept and preserved post mortem by his descendants or the ones favoured by him will require special legal advice and support on how to lay down his last will and testament.

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Sabrina Bauroth
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After completing a highly specialised degree at the University of Mannheim (Centre for Corporate Succession Planning – zentUma e.V.), I was appointed to be a certified company succession planning advisor. It was only as a result of my previous legal qualifications and experiences that I was eligible to complete said degree. Consequently, I can now advise in detail on estate planning in relation to any business succession under German law (sole traders, limited companies, corporations, among others), particularly when it comes to making sure that your last will and testament does not clash with company law requirements, which can often be observed if the particularities of each legal area have not been taken into account.

Particularly small-size or medium-size businesses see it as essential to intertwine inheritance law and business law regulations in order to maintaining what has been created and securing the existence of the business. Any company may face the treacherous challenge of German legal rights being claimed and threatening the company’s vital lines. Legal rights must always be taken into account when talking about corporate succession.

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If you require advice regarding business succession, either as a business owner or as a person affected in any way by corporate succession planning (heirs or beneficiaries), please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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My competencies in corporate succession planning include the following:

  • Developing and constructing measure-made successions plan for business owners (owner’s last will and testament, inheritance contract, transition of property, executorship / execution of wills)
  • Drafting inheritance contracts and contracts excluding legal rights (provided the person claiming legal rights agrees to it) from a corporate viewpoint
  • Drafting model solutions regarding anticipated successions (e.g. lifetime transitions in order to make best use of inheritance tax allowance)
  • Developing sale and participation solutions for business owners in case there are no family successors
  • Co-ordination of inheritance law and company law regulations in last wills and testaments, including the reorganisation of company structures
  • Ensuring the business owner’s descendants benefit from the business after the owner has deceased
  • Preventing that businesses are split-up, resulting in the loss of jobs and business assets
  • Advising and representing heirs or beneficiaries affected by company succession planning (analysing last wills and testaments of business owners, mediation regarding disputes among communities of heirs, participation in company shares, enforcing claims as to legal rights)
  • Representation in the matter at any German court

I act as a legal consultant all across Germany, meaning I can provide flexible advice wherever you need it. Modern means of communciation, such as email or online meetings, enable you to get in touch with me from afar. Most of my clients have not yet visited my Berlin office and have still been successfully represented by me for a considerable amount of time. Any crucial step is co-ordinated with my clients, meaning there is no impact on my service if we cannot see each other face-to-face. Advising and representing you will always follow your interests and mandate, be confidential, honest and transparent, which explicitly includes the revelation of all the risks your legal case may be confronted with.

I look forward to your request and to advising on your legal case relating to corporate succession planning.

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