Getting a proper review of your case from a qualified lawyer does involve spending money if you are not eligible for legal aid or have legal insurance covering your costs.

What service is it you may expect for your money? First and foremost, it involves an honest and competent case assessment by an expert that is qualified through two state exams. In Germany, this means being qualified for serving as a judge at the same time. Moreover, the Law Society acts as a supervising body adhering to professional conduct, which includes the obligation for lawyers to be discreet and represent your interests only. It should be obvious to anyone that these measures of quality control do mean more than legal advice your neighbour has found online.

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As a matter of course, you would like to know from the start what costs you will have to expect. Unfortunately, this inquiry clashes with the lawyers' fees laid down in German law, which is subject to numerous commentaries and difficult to predict even for experts, as it very much depends on the individual case. However, I attempt to give you a short and sweet overview of German legal fees by explaining the basics in a comprehensible manner.

It is my policy to provide comprehensive information and advice for my clients on potential costs that may arise for legal advice and representation in their case. If you decide to employ me, my fees are generally calculated according to statutory regulations, which are referred to as the remuneration by law. These regulations comprise the German Lawyers' Fees Act, which is most relevant, and the German Court Costs Act.  If your questions can be answered in one meeting and does not cause any particular legal difficulties, you will merely have to calculate the so-called first legal assessment fee.

In specific cases we will enter a fee agreement including a fixed calculation of costs, meaning my services to you are going to be more transparent and easier to foresee. Depending on the legal research and assessments connected with your case, it is possible to agree on an hourly rate or an overall lump sum.

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