Fee Agreement

In certain legal cases, I practice the conclusion of fee agreements with my clients. This mainly comprises out-of-court settlements and other constellations no longer regulated by the Lawyers' Fees Act due to changes in legislation.

When will an individual fee agreement be closed?

Whether your legal issue is subject to a fee agreement will be discussed with you on consideration of your individual case. The main cases of application are the creation of a last will or testament, and the drafting of sales contracts or single contract terms. Similarly, we will make a fee agreement if an out-of-court case requires a considerable deal of research.

My law practice stands for cost transparency, confidence, reliance, and sincerity. It goes without saying that fee agreements will be discussed with you in detail, including the review of single terms.

What are the costs I will have to calculate in case of a fee agreement?

The answer to this question very much depends on your individual case and varies in different law firms. It is possible to base a legal bill on hourly rates or on a lump sum for the overall case. Generally, I will charge EUR 297.50 (EUR 250.00 plus 19% VAT) per hour.

If need be, I will be glad to help you identify whether it is an hourly rate or a lump sump that fits your individual case requirements best in order for us to be able to close a satisfactory agreement.

Are there any particularities I have to take into account?

Please note that legal insurance taken out by you will only cover the fees prescribed by law in the Lawyers' Fees Act. However, the charges laid down there are usually lower than the ones we will agree on individually, meaning you will have to cover part of the costs at your own expense. The same is valid if you win a court action. Generally, the opposing party will then have to cover the costs of your lawyer according to the Lawyers' Fees Act. They will, however, not have to pay any amount exceeding the maximum fee prescribed by law.

Is there even a necessity for fee agreements?

In order for me to be able to offer my services in excellent quality, I have to work in a way that is effective as well as cost-efficient. The fees codified in the German Lawyers' Fees Act do not always meet these requirements, which is mainly true for out-of-court consultations. The amount of time needed for drawing up expert assessments, contract, and last wills may be substantial. As a direct consequence of this, other clients may have to be rejected, as more time is needed for preparing a business client's essential terms of contract. For cases like this, the Lawyers' Fees Act advises the lawyer to enter a fee agreement with her client. Ultimately, this will enable your legal counsel to focus on your individual case entirely.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch for any further information or for a calculation of costs regarding your legal issue.

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