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A life without foreign languages is very hard to imagine in the world of today. International commercial contacts, global relationships, both business and personal, as well as places of living across different countries put a considerable mark on any legal issue.

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All the more it is crucial to have access to translations that meet the highest standards, particularly if it is about communicating with international business partners or clients, and drafting contracts on a plane beyond single countries. Even though machine translations are technically feasible, they could never grasp the fine tones a language is based on. This can only be tackled by a person with precision, comprehensive know-how and extensive experience in both languages that a specific translation issue is concerned with.

As an expert with legal experience in Germany and the United Kingdom, I would like to assist you with any translation that needs to be tackled (English to German, and German to English).

On the international plane, English is the one language most spoken around the globe. This is valid not only for everyday situations but for the expert world as well. When it is about drafting cross-border contracts of sales or services with the parties living in different countries, support is often needed on two levels: the translation itself and legal advice on the applicable law. This is all the more true when international parties to the contract have agreed on, or plan to agree on, German law to be decisive for any future conflicts. Similarly, it may be highly advantageous for investors to create bilingual contracts if they intent to use them in a cross-border context.

Please click here to get an overview of my translation services. I am looking forward to your enquiry in this area.

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